About us

About us


Welcome to Mp3boost.com, your number one favorite entertainment store. This is no doubt the best website to visit daily as a lovers of good products in entertainment.

Who are we?

We are Mp3boost.com as mentioned earlier. We decides to serve and satisfy each and every admirers of music both fans and artistes who visit our website.

What we do

We delivers the best and most expected informations in every aspect of music globally.

Furthermore, we assist upcoming artistes in gaining more fame by allowing them to showcase their talents on our site. Mp3boost.com has not/never a selfish platform that pays too much attention at the top level without considering others.

In other words, we promote talented artists who are yet to be known by millions of people who fancy such talents. We also provides advices and tips for upcoming artistes to use in order to progress their music career.

Furthermore, we also have an interesting section whereby you as our pleasurable visitor and others can share thoughts and ideas about music industry. This allows you your experience as an up and coming artists or comments on others’.

We so much care care and worries about gifted fellows but still unknown. And this is probably one of the reason we are different. So therefore, keep calm! For we are always ready to cheerfully buy and spread your unique power in you.

How to reach us

Of course, you might/should have a reason to contact or get back to us. Either for our good and amazing service or to work with us.

To contact us, drop a message on our official


  • Facebook page: HERE
  • WhatsApp number: 08083321116
  • WhatsApp group chat: (JOIN US HERE)
  • Email address: innocentpesin@gmail.com or innocentpesin01@gmail.com 
  • Twitter handle @BabatundePeter.

To send a direct message fill the contact form below 👇. We will surely reply you in not less than 3hrs.


We shall be expecting your feedbacks. Thanks for visiting our site and especially wanting to know ABOUT US. We really appreciate it.

we ❣️ you.

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