Is It A Curse? No Upcoming Artistes Can Escape These Terrible Challenges

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
5 Strong Challenges You Can’t Escape As An Upcoming Artiste

Facing unexpected difficulties, problems and having some tough time is one of the requirements to becoming successful in what you do. It’s doesn’t destroy you but makes you stronger.

Every successful man have his own challenging experiences which finally became a story to tell one day. Even gold which everyone admires so much has its own sad story.

However, having negative issues isn’t a sin or sign that you won’t succeed. It’s a difficult temptation missioned to find out how prepared you are for your dreams. It’s only becomes a sin and failure when you give-up.

Having challenges does not exclude anyone as long as you have a dream. And honestly, upcoming talents are categorized under the talented fellows who faces bigger challenges on a journey to stardom. Only a deceiver will tell you he/she didn’t went through a single rough time before becoming a famous artiste.

Well, the good news is, every negatives are born with positives. It’s very possible to battle and overcome your issues as an upcoming artistes. All you need is knowing your likely-to-be enemies which are the coming challenges.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 5 terrible challenges you should expect or cannot escape as an upcoming artistes. Meanwhile, solutions and how to overcome them will also be shared. Just to stick-by and read follow the post till the end.

Common Challenges You Can’t Escape As An Upcoming Artistes

Now let’s dive straight into the main reason you are on this page. The 5 Strong Challenges You Can’t Escape As An Upcoming Artiste are as follows:

1. You Will Get Lower Outcomes Than You Expected 

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
Disappointing Result

Many times, you will take some progressive steps or decisions just you welcome a uglier result than you should get. Even famous artistes faces this problem, then how possibly can an upcoming artistes escape it.

For instance, you might want to start making money with your songs by selling them on music platforms. But the fact that you aren’t famous will make few or no people Stream your songs. Meanwhile, You expected to earn at least $100 on a song but found yourself earning just $20 on five songs.


Another illustration is when you promote your tracks on a blog which promised you at least 300,000 downloads. But your “yet-to-be-known” title will avoid you from getting such outcomes.

This part is very obvious and common to musicians generally. As an upcoming artiste, you should expect it so you wouldn’t be too depressed when it patronized you.

2. People Will Turn You Down Many Times 

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
People Will Turn You Down Many Times

People who you hope to be of help will promise to help you in their capability countless times but later get you disappointed. They will calm you and make you imagine you’re about to obtain a new stage of your dream. Then this becomes an headache after breaking it to you that it’s won’t be possible anymore or would have to be postponed.

Record labels owners, promoters, Big shows anchors, people connected with top artistes and many more are commonly found in this category. Some especially promoters will promise you what they aren’t capable of, while some will intentionally deceive you.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid or prevent the issue of being turned down. Because you will always need people’s help and favor. You can only reduce the depression that will follows by not-relying on anyone.

3. You Will Lose Money For No Progress

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
Fruitless Investment

Trust me, this is very challenging and can shake one’s hope to become weaker. You will invests your last penny many times to get yourself at the top but won’t earn neither a dime nor fame. This is obviously one of the reasons why many upcoming Artistes are quitting one after the other this days.

It happens especially when you trying to promote yourself or track which is probably the right thing. Meanwhile, money is still on the top lists of ‘requirements to promote your music career’. So you’ll surely need to spend.

You will have to pay bloggers to upload your tracks on their websites but your fame still doesn’t increase. You will have to pay Master of Ceremonies [MCs] to allow you perform at a show but that won’t maximize your fans. You will also have to pay to participate in an Audition or competition but you still didn’t win.

Then you will see yourself going broke for no outcome. You will see yourself doing what is right but still not progressing. Instead of the an amazing turn-out, you’ll find yourself getting depressed.

Unfortunately, you can’t escape this challenging situation too. This is because you can’t escape wanting-to promote yourself which requires money.

But mind you, you can’t be so unfortunate that this will happen to you all time. Except if you aren’t really talented enough to deserve a progression. Then you need someone to be honest with you.

4. You Will Get Ignored Many Times 

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
You Will Get Ignored Many Times

This won’t be too challenging for you to overcome if you’re already prepared for it. You’ll sacrifice everything you can afford to draw people’s attention but end-up having few or nobody coming to your side.

I have come across many upcoming artistes on social medias who constantly shares their freestyle videos on their time line to showcase themselves. Moreover, if you check out for these guys, you can say they are many times better than some famous artistes we have today. But the amount of views and commendations they get is far lower than what they deserve.

The truth is; the fact that you still carries the title; “upcoming” around, you will definitely face this issue of being ignored many times. Cos No one or only few people recognizes you. They can’t be so sure you can provide something different. So 99.9% of them won’t bother themselves.

This why you have been tagging famous artistes each time you share something on social media but they ignores. This is why you invited thousands of people to your show but only hundreds showed-up.

The power that this challenging situation of getting ignored holds is to criticize and oppress you to give up. You can only overcome it by disallowing it to overcome you, Which is; “not giving-up“.

5. Friends And Family Will Discourage You

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
Friends And Family Will Discourage You

This is where it’s lands after facing countless challenges being an upcoming artistes. Your friends, family and lovers even fans will urge you to find your way elsewhere. This isn’t because they hate you or have lost hope in you, but because they love and wishes you something greater.

Come to think of it, you’ve had sleepless nights, fell sick many times, gone broke and went through some other hard times just to get yourself at the top. You’ve been doing all this thriving stuff for the past 3-6 years now [just an illustration], but still on the same spot. Then how do you expect the people around not to try giving you a brotherly advice which is “quit” or “suspend for later“.

They will provide you some considerable reasons why music seems not to be the right way for you. If you refuse they won’t disturb you. But each time you fail again, they will remind you of their advices.

This can be so hard to bear that it can probably make you give-up after considering good points. Furthermore, It’s can possibly turn your fellow advisors to enemies. This is because; it’s will get to a point where you will think they envy you and wish you to be a quitter.

Lastly, discouragement won’t only come from your friends and families. Sometimes, you will get discouraged by yourself facing tough challenges. The only way you can escape this is by being perfect which is absolutely not possible.

So therefore, it’s impossible to escape being discouraged as an upcoming artistes.

What Should I Do?

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste

If you have been following this article from the first paragraph till this part, you’re so lucky then. Here comes the relieving part.

Like I said earlier and according to the article’s title, the challenges you will face as an upcoming artiste can’t be avoided, prevented or escaped. But don’t freak out! Cos no matter how hard it is there is always a way out. But what is it??

1. Get Yourself Ready! 

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming
Get Yourself Ready

The first weapon you need to conquer these challenges is readiness. I can assure you this; your coming headaches are 30% already-solved if you get yourself ready for it. You will just find yourself not grieving when the issues starts rising against you.

But if you aren’t ready before this challenges starts approaching you, trust me, you won’t need someone to discourage you before quitting in frustration. But how can you get yourself ready?

  • FIND AND STUDY THE CHALLENGES YOU WILL FACE AS AN UPCOMING ARTISTE: Knowing your enemies will provide a good plan to conquer them. Well, you don’t need anything much since you are reading this article which has stated the challenges that will come your way as an upcoming artiste already.
  • REACH-OUT TO FAMOUS ARTISTES TO SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCES WITH YOU: Like I said while starting this post, Only a deceiver will tell you he/she didn’t went through a single rough time before becoming a famous. So you can try reaching out to famous artistes who are reachable and learn from their experience. This won’t only get you prepared but also charge your hope to overcome.

2. Fight It!

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
Fight It!

Well, here they comes! This is when different difficulties with different names will be on a queue at your door. They aren’t here for nothing than to convince you to stop wasting your time in studios, stop wasting your money on promotions, and above all: “quit!”.

Fortunately, what’s going to make you lucky is you knew they were coming which means you were prepared [from the first point]. They won’t look strange or scary to you since you are expecting them already. Now what next? Fight!!!

Remember!!! The famous you reached out to told you also went through it. They didn’t call for help but fought it themselves. This is exactly what you’re going to do as well:

  • DON’T GET DISTRACTED BY WHAT YOU FACE: It’s a trap missioned to let you fail!!!
  • DON’T SHARE YOUR FAILURES WITH PEOPLE: They will discourage you!!!
  • BE HAPPY EACH TIME YOU ARE TROUBLED: You won’t be afraid of the next one!!!
  • GET YOURSELF MOTIVATED: Find yourself inspiring stories, books and quotes to wipe-away a discouraging mentality!!!
  • FALL ONCE AND RISE MULTIPLE TIMES: Keep coming back with full force after going through a tough period.
  • PRAY: Remember to ask the source of your gift [GOD] for proper guidance and intervention.

If you sincerely acquire the above weapons without deceiving anyone, fighting your musical career challenges will become easy to conquer.

3. Don’t Give Up!

5 Strong Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artiste
Don’t Give Up!

Lemme ask you– When the those famous artistes you reached out to were sharing their experiences with you, did they tell you they quit when it was too much? Heck no! The only thing they will tell you is they almost quitted.

Remember, you started it, so you have to finish it. You have to reach your destination by all means. It’s going to be a total shame when the few people cherishing you find-out that you not admirable anymore. All your sleepless nights, your noise in studio for the past few years is just going to go in vain?


Giving up is not a solution and has never been a solution for talented individuals. You as an artiste, Just fight and don’t stop fighting for your own space in music industry. No precious thing will get itself engaged with you without seeing what you went through just to obtain her.

Those famous artistes you see this year didn’t commence their journey last year or two years ago. The only thing that helped them to the is they prepared themselves for the journey, they fought their challenges and didn’t give up.

You wanna be a famous artiste?? DON’T GIVE UP!!!

It’s Up To You Now

Well, I guess I have done what I am capable of doing to be of you. The next step depends on your decision. You aren’t born a winner or a loser. You are born a chooser.

To wrap everything up, one thing that makes you face this challenges is your title; “Upcoming Artistes“. The moment that humiliating name “Upcoming” disappears, the moment you have less things to be worried about.

I hope this article was helpful? Well it’s free from

The only way you can pay me is by dropping a feedback. Feel free to ask questions or additions at the comments section. And lastly, don’t forget to share with others.


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