4 Things You Must Consider Before Composing A song


Composing a song is like cooking your eatery’s meal which requires to taste good in other to draw more customers attentions. Therefore, the chef needs to go through some basics, step and fetch for necessary tips needed for the process.

Furthermore, She needs to know what her customers want. Their taste and their usual orders. By having this knowledge, she will be able to satisfy them and keep them patronizing.

In other words, an artistes most especially upcoming artistes needs to follow some guidelines in order to born a perfect result for listeners.

Composing a song is not that simple like most upcoming artistes threats it nowadays. As an upcoming artistes, you should not only rely on the fact that you are talented and really good enough. Yes! That’s true and I totally agree. But trust me, if you resist to consider few or more advices, you might find yourself lacking lyrics in future.

In this article, I will be sharing with you FOUR IMPORTANT THINGS YOU MUST CONSIDER BEFORE COMPOSING A SONG. Are you about to drop a new song? Either now or later and you desperately want it to be a hit song which can also be refer to as jam. Then you are on the right page.

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Am pretty sure you follow this page because you are also upcoming artistes and needs to be enlightened. Well, am glad to welcome you to this brief idea am going to share with you.

Without wasting your time, let me go straight to the main reason you are here which is:


1. Know Your Fans’ Taste

Know Your Fans Taste
Lady Listening To A Song With A Earphone

Firstly, let me briefly dive into music industry in Nigeria today. Every famous artistes are literally cherished by fans because of their patterns and styles. And that particular artiste knowing what fans cherished about him will make him keep serving such style or vibes.

Countless superstars are their today who are not really good but their unique and different styles boosted them. At times, you will listen to a track and wonder how the artiste became famous.

For instance, when Small Doctor, Nigeria street sensation came, everyone was like ‘guy go and sit‘. And to be really candid, Small Doctors flows wasn’t that impressive. But however, his pattern was totally different from any other artiste we have been listening to before then. Then we can say this dude knew what his fans and lover wanted, then kept throwing the same style at them.


Try to understand what your fans cherished about you which can be referred to as their taste. But come to think of it, how can you find out your fans’ taste.

How Do I Know My Fans’ Taste? 

Well it’s simple,

  1. check out for your most streamed tracks:
  2. Go through people’s feedback and social media comments about your tracks and see which one received positive commendations most. Then that’s what your fans want. It’s their taste.

And incase you haven’t released a song before. No problem, you only need to gain attentions by dropping freestyles on social media.

Update your followers for upcoming freestyle and examine their reactions. You might be advised by some to do a part 2 or track of one of your freestyles. That’s it!

In a nut shell, the exact angle of your works that gained people’s attention the most is what you should consider as your fan’s taste. After knowing your fans taste, create the song you are thinking of or already composing with the same style, language and genre.

2. Get A Beat And Study It Repeatedly

An Audio Mix Controller
An Audio Mix Controller Turned On

Studying the provided or available beat from A to Z repeatedly is highly important. Unfortunately in this area, many upcoming artistes has became a victim of losing massive fans attention. Commonly, most artistes just compose a song; intro‘, ‘chorus‘, ‘verses‘, ‘the end and then record it since the beat flows along with the song.

It’s so sad that majority doesn’t consider the beat necessary parts before composing to it. They will say: In as much the beat class is similar with what they want to render on it, then the deed is done. For instance, ‘my producer gave me highlife, then let me just compose highlife‘ and that’s all.

That’s totally wrong, and it might permit criticisms penetrating from an unexpected angle. You need to sit down and examine the beat from its genesis to revelation.

Most times, beats tune switches, migrates from one flow to another. Some other melodic keyboard might be added in some areas. In fact, it can include voices which you need to relate with either take it as a response to your call or follow it with something suitable.

In short, You importantly need to consider all this on your beat before composing a song to it. Sit down with patience and listen to the beat several times before making a move. Understand where it’s falls and rise. With this, you will born a flabbergasting result on it.

But incase you’ve composed the song completely before visiting the studio. Then you need to discuss with your producer how you want the beat.

3. Focus On Your Title

The Title of a song

Before dropping your inspirations down on your music note, have it in mind that the song’s title is the reason for its birth.

Sometimes I laugh 😂 and nod my head when listening to upcoming delivering something different to the song’s title In its  verse lines. However, the song’s chorus might be similar with the title, but the verses won’t be.

To illustrate, a song titled “I Love You“, was about someone expressing his feelings towards his lover. The chorus was truly talking about love and repeating the phrase ‘I Love You’, ‘I Love You’. Then eventually landed on the verse and you heard:

Baby They Say Bitter Leaf Is BITTER

But Wait, Lemme Ask Mr. PETER ..

You’ll be like.. “No, please visit an HOSPITAL” lol 😊

The truth is, most upcoming artistes composes their songs for the sake of Rhymes. They focus on the last syllable of a line to sound similar. This mistakes is mostly common among hip-hop rappers.

Honestly, if you really want your listeners to make you one of their favorite you need to lay emphasis on the track’s title. This is definitely because, someone who was just scrolling on a music website or platform and then came across your song might consider downloading because of its title.

It’s going to be disappointing when he listened to the song and heard you saying something different from what he expected. That’s just like buying a cookie which had a label of “Cheese Balls” on it. Then you found a “Raw Beans” on opening it.

The advice here is, if you want to sing about love, let the body, soul and spirit be sanctified with love lyrics. It’s might also be; a prayerful song, money bragging and so on. The point is, let your track be totally plain and let’s the song’s purpose be clear.

If you don’t stop focusing on rhymes instead of title, you won’t be surprised your fans will divert to your competition who doesn’t Rhyme but has a reasonable lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say do not rhyming is wrong. I said rhyming without focusing on the song’s purpose which is title is totally wrong and it will fail you.

Apparently, you are still upcoming and you know what it takes to be a star. Especially in Nigeria, you will almost beg and cry to just be heard. So If you can’t afford to waste all your time in studio, you really need sit, meditate before dishing out your talents.

4. Remember And Accept Your Mistakes On Initial Tracks

Mistakes made by upcoming artiste

well, I can say this point covers it all. The three earlier mentioned points contain common mistakes upcoming artistes makes. If you belong to any groups of the mistakes mentioned, just start making amendment today.


Remembering your mistakes also helps you on the journey to stardom cause you have to fall to rise up. So no one is blaming you for making mistakes.

But importantly you should accept its wrong and vow not to repeat it. Realize and accept it was a mistake. I assure you, it’s solved.

Just like a mad man who accepts he is mad. The moment he realizes that he is mentally incomplete, the moment he is healed. Simple!

By remembering and accepting those mistakes you made on your initial tracks will help you not to do the same again.

But another problem is, some upcoming artistes won’t accept their mistakes and carelessly, they make same mistakes again. That happens as a result of pride. That’s when they think like; “my talent is natural  no one should teach“.

Just imagine what I said earlier, “forgetting the title and focusing on rhymes”. If you tell some upcoming artistes, they might  commend you to be envying their gift.  With the little experience I have, I can define an upcoming artistes who will remain upcoming forever. There is no reason to envy you since am one of those you want entertain.

In conclusion, they say ‘experience is the best teacher’. If you don’t want to be telling stories that you had been an upcoming artistes for the past 10 years now, learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes shades thrown by your competitions is worth considering truth. Maybe they told you one of your lines is Wack. Don’t always ignore it because they are your competitors.

In addition, Someone might comment on your social media post rudely saying your song chorus or one part is wack. Don’t react too bad or mad. Try considering it’s true and do not do the same mistake.


I will like to remind you, you aren’t the only upcoming artistes in Nigeria or globally. Millions of upcoming artistes are out there hungry for fame.

Do not ignore or snob any reasonable advice given to you. Mind you, not all advises worth considering. You need to be sensitive yourself personally.

Heavy researches including reaching out to experienced artistes were made before publishing this article. So it’s will serve you good if you take it to action.

Any other thing else will be discussed in the comment section. Incase what you expected wasn’t mentioned  feel free to drop your questions, suggestions, ideas or more tips in the comment box below. I am fully here to answer you to your top satisfaction.

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