6 Ways Upcoming Artistes Can Make Money Independently In 2019

6 Ways Artistes Can Make Money Independently In 2019/2020
6 Ways Artistes Can Make Money Independently

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How are you doing and how progressive are your dreams moving? most especially your music career? Am pretty sure you are on this page presently because you are an Unsigned musician looking for way to make money independently.

Yes! you are really good as a rapper or singer, in fact, you are better than Davido, Wizkid, Olamide and other famous musicians in Nigeria out there, but only few people are hearing so you ain’t earning yet. You’ve spent a lot of time in studios, spent a lot of money to promote your tracks but yet to welcome the beautiful profits you expected from your efforts.

Well, I also know how that feels and I can explain it in terms of my profession. When you are putting everything single thing you can afford to promote a project or work, but all proves abortive. So depressing! But trust me, you don’t have to give up cos you aren’t alone this time.

The Good news, you can now be making massive amounts of money directly to your own pocket in 2019 without any sponsorship or record label. Sounds impossible? Definitely not, just keep reading…. .

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Have you been looking for a way to earn money with your as an artiste independently? Are you sad no record label is offering a deal, but you want to earn money without depending on anybody? If yes, then you are absolutely on the right page.

Am glad to inform you that this article was purposely composed for you especially if you have been searching for keywords like:

“How to make money as an upcoming artists”, “How make money with music online”, “How to make money in Nigeria music industry”, “How to make money as an independent musician in 2019” and more….

I have received a lot of messages and questions about the above phrases. Have seen a lot of upcoming artistes on social medias asking the same question.

At times, some upcoming artistes who contacts me for music promotion do hope that they will earn each time people downloads their track. It’s a kind of hilarious but they aren’t to be blamed. I understand What they want is a way they won’t hope they’re wasting their time doing music.

After making deep online researches, I am finally able to come up with 6 different ways upcoming artistes can be making money without independently in 2019. Just stick by and read this article till the end in order not miss a single tip.

How Can Upcoming Artistes Make Money Independently/Without A Record Label?

1. Sell Your Tracks Online

This just a simple logic! Every business owner who produces a particular stuff have no other easy way to earn than selling their products which they initially invested in before it was successful born.

As an artiste, music is your business, your tracks are the products you produces and you are the business owner. After spending a lot of money in different studios to cook a track, you also spent a lot to make videos, then the next step is to find a way to reap those seeds you planted. The first way to earn as an upcoming artistes is to sell your tracks online. But the question is:

 Where And How Can I Sell My tracks Online?

There are different music platforms online where you can sell your tracks by uploading them and Earn per stream. These music platforms includes but not limited to:

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Itunes
  • SoundCloud 
  • Spinlet
  • Deezer

And many more..

Note that the names on the above list isn’t all the music Platforms online globally, but includes the top and most popular music platform with millions of visitors every day. This means you are close to getting enough sales since the platform contains enough consumers.

To Get started, visit their website or download their apps and register yourself. After completing the registration steps and procedures, start uploading your tracks and make good sales. But note that; to register on some of these mentioned music platforms, you will be asked to pay.

2. Write Songs For Top Artistes

If you don’t know, get to know; a lot of tracks we call hit-songs today weren’t originally composed or written by the particular artiste we recognized to own the song.

There are some famous artistes who are ready to pay you handsomely to claim your written lyrics. Moreover, if the record you wrote could luckily make its way to a top-notch, it’s obvious that you are slowly approaching the top place as well. That’s because more fantastic goodies from big artistes will come after you.

Writing songs for artiste is a really cool way of earning as an upcoming artiste. Besides you won’t only earn money but also earn connections and respect.

For example, Peruzzi a Nigerian vocalist currently singed to DMW record label is well known to be a songwriter for famous artistes and this is part of what that helped him mount the top today. It was also reviewed that he is Davido‘s girlfriend, Chioma‘s cousin. He do writes for the DMW ceo with the connection of his cousin before he was signed to the record label.

In a nut shell, writing songs top or famous artiste will earn you money and also open opportunities doors for you.

3. Sell Lyrics Online

Selling your lyrics online is also a good way to earn even easily. This is almost similar to the firstly mentioned point because your are also making a direct income by selling online. The difference is that selling your tracks is mainly for listeners while selling your lyrics is for other artiste who will republish it as own-track.

What you should know before taking this decision is that you have no more right to claim ownership or reports copyright over the lyrics content.

Where Can I Sell My Lyrics Online? 

  • Songbay.co
  • Lyrics.com
  • Premiumlyrics.com
  • Genius.com

However, the above mentioned sites is not all but the top and most popular platforms where people buy and sell lyrics across the world. You can join the platforms with few minutes registration and start selling your lyrics right away.

You will be able to charge buyers any amount you think your lyrics worths. You can also make it negotiable if you like. The platforms allows you to decide yourself. But note that some of these platforms charges either to join with a one-time payment or each time you make any sales.

4. Create A Website Or Blog

At this point, you are turning yourself into a musical blogger and am glad to welcome you to the industry. Bloggers earn money in different ways like running ads, affiliate marketing, rendering services for people and many more..

You can start your own blog with your stage name as the domain name. Make the site a music niche and start promoting latest songs including yours. Then find a way to monetize your website either with ads or affiliate marketing. But that’s should be after being aware of your monetization choice requirements and policy.

In addition, you can also earn by promoting other upcoming artistes and charge them for it.

You as an artiste should even be happier than a normal blogger because blogging will earn you two different things.

  1. Fame
  2. Money

You will get recognized by each an every visitors who visit your website and also earn money which is your main mission.


5. Create A YouTube Channel 

This is also a good way for you to make money as an artiste. One of the major reason people visits YouTube is to get themselves entertained. Meanwhile that is your profession.

Opening a YouTube channel nowadays just seems like opening a social media account. Rarely can you see any famous artistes out there who does not have a personal YouTube channel. They run it just like a normal social media account and Earn alongside.

It advisable for you to create a YouTube channel for music and start making your own cash too. You can sign up for YouTube and use your stage as the channel’s title.

After a complete set-up, start uploading videos in entertainment to draw peoples attention first. Then promote your music videos including freestyle videos too. Becoming a musician and YouTuber [or Vlogger] won’t only earn you some bulks but also increase your popularity. So it’s a good idea to put it on your list.

How Can I Earn With YouTube? 

Just like bloggers, Google adsence is the top way to earn as a YouTuber too. After hitting a various amount of views, subscribers and not violating adsence policy, you can apply and get approved without stress. Then start welcoming some cool cashes.

Note that you will earn depending on the amount of views you gets on each videos and clicks on the ads.

6. Render Services On Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is a marketplace platform launched in 2010. The freelancing website allows sellers to charge other people [buyers] to render a particular service they are skilled-in.

The minimum amount sellers on fiverr.com charges is $5. Just imagine rendering your service for at least 5 people daily. That’s $25 per day and $750 monthly.

If you are looking a way to earn with what you’re good in doing, you probably need to try fiverr. As an artiste, you can also make money on fiverr by rendering people different services with your music.

The platform is very helpful for fellows who are gifted or skilled in a particular aspect but lack opportunities to showcase themselves to large number of people. In fact, majority sellers on the platform makes their living from it including musicians.

How Can I Make Money On FIVERR As An Upcoming Artiste? 

#1. Sell Lyrics

I have seen several people on the platform charging $20, $35 and above just to write a buyer a song or sell an already- written lyrics. You can imagine how much such people will be making every month. But this requires a good service which is making up your lyrics quality content.


You can render this service of writing lyrics for people on Fiverr and charge them any amount starting from $5 which is the minimum charges generally allowed on the platform.

#2. Voice Over

In this part, your buyer or customer who wants to order for your service will have to send his/her recorded track for you to record another verse on it. Just like you making a remix.

For you to draw buyers attention to patronize, it’s advisable to put a video of your freestyles on your profile for everyone to see. Make the videos like three to four. That would be enough to convince anyone in need of such service you renders.

You should also add the description of a fantastic result they should expect after ordering.

NOTE: Creating an account on fiverr as a seller freelancer can only be done on a PC.


Every upcoming artistes is tired of getting broke just to promote themselves but still reaping nothing from their efforts. If you Belongs to such category, then you’re a kind a lucky to come across this article today.


You can go through the article repeatedly if anything is still unclear to you. But if it is, the next thing right now is to kick off!!

Don’t forget to share this article to social media for others to gain what you just gained as well. I will also love to hear from you. Which of the 6 Ways to make money as an upcoming artiste will you try first? Drop your mind off the comment section below.


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